What to Eat to Help Beat the Cold

When the temperature drops, it’s tempting to lounge idly, but if you want to be productive, you should head to the kitchen and make a hearty and warm meal for the family. Whatever baked food goodness you choose to concoct, it will surely help you beat the cold and enjoy time with family.

If you need more inspiration, you should consider the following winter comfort food recipes.

Beef stew

This is a winter recipe classic. The tender beef needs to simmer in beef broth together with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, and peas. It will surely melt in your mouth because of its tenderness. Beef stew is perfect on its own, but if you want more, you can serve it with bread, biscuit or rolls to sop up the broth. You can also consider mashed potatoes.


Many households love meatloaf because it’s easy to make, equally tasty and economical. This is a perfect supper comfort food, especially if paired with buttery jacket potatoes. The meatloaf can be baked or smoked depending on your preference. Others cook it through Bain-marie or water bath for even and moist cooking.

winter recipe classic

Curry braised chicken thighs

If you want to cook an Indian-inspired supper, you should try curry braised chicken thighs. As expected, this dish is spicy, flavorful and economical to make. Without a doubt, it will spice your night up. You can use Madras curry powder, which is very hot.

Oven braised lamb shanks

Imagine succulent lamb shanks, which are braised with red wine sauce. You should not miss the aromatic vegetables like tomatoes, garlic, and fresh rosemary as well. Without a doubt, lamb shanks are a family favorite because most of the work is don eat the beginning, so the only thing left is to wait patiently.

Pot roast meal

Cooking a pot roast meal is a good way to beat the cold and idleness. The slow braising is done using a slow cooker. To make things easier, you can prepare the vegetables and meat in the crockery a night before and then refrigerate it overnight.

Vegetable potpie

If you feel like eating vegetables, this pot pie will do the trick. Your children will surely love vegetables more because of this dish. The smooth sauce is blended with white wine, olive oil, and low-fat milk.


Chowder is another classic meal for those cold days. It’s a chunky and creamy soup usually with smoked haddock or salmon and mixed with shellfish. It also comes with potatoes and broccoli. This satisfying soup can be made with pork or chicken.

homemade pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita

If kids are around, you can make a homemade pizza Margherita. Pizza Margherita is perfect because of its chewy crust as well as fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. Do not forget to top it off with basil.


Stuffing is considered a side dish. Traditionally, it uses turkey leftovers from Thanksgiving. However, you can enjoy the stuffing throughout the year by using other types of meat. Stuffing contains dried bread, seasoning and cooking liquid.