A brief ode to a smoothie

Out of all of the popular drinks that come under the dessert post any meal, smoothie always tops the list. A thickened and cold fluid of generally a single fruit or vegetable, a glass of smoothie gives a huge comfort to the full stomach. Available in wide ranges of tastes and flavors, these have a number of advantages that add to their increased consumption. Making a smoothie is an easy and innovative task within itself as the maker gets the full choice to have the ingredients in it as per his or her convenience. This article discusses further on smoothies and some of the popular flavors of the same. More about the flavors can be found on the website of smoothie recepty.

smoothieThe basics of preparation

The art of smoothie making is quite easy and not that complicated as it is picturized. It follows some of the basic guidelines and requires a blender to mix and blend the mixture in the required proportions and provide the desirable final product.

The process begins with the selection of the primary fruit or vegetable whose smoothie one wants to consume and prepare it accordingly for its easy blending and grinding. To make the smoothie thick, ingredients like milk, water, yogurt, curd, chocolate shake and other dairy products are added. Even some seeds, nuts and cashews can be added as the toppings during serving. The blending process needs to be well timed to produce the best blend and hence have the best smoothie in the world.

Health benefits

Smoothies have a great health factor in them. They are the staple drinks for the fitness freaks aiming for post-exercise relaxation and weight reduction. They help in easy absorption of the nutrients and mixing of them in the blood for easy circulation. They also purify the skin by removing the harmful toxins and maintaining the tone forever. They also provide a huge relief to the filled up stomach and help in easy digestion of the food.

The flavors

As per the smoothierecepty website, some of the most popular flavors for smoothie include the following: –

  • Spinach smoothie, which is used for its green properties in maintaining a good health and providing the sufficient levels of calories to the body.
  • Milk fig smoothie, that blends the nutrients of milk and banana to form a tasty and mouth savoring drink
  • Beetroot smoothie, for the exceptionally good nutrients present in the vegetable
  • LaVita, that has the properties of healthy herbs also along with the fruit and vegetable and add brownie points to the health factor.