Which company produces the popular snacks in Singapore?

The Kettle Gourmet produces some of the most delicious popcorn and popular snack that can be found in Singapore. They have a wide selection of regionally inspired popcorn flavors, from salted popcorn to sweet and savory popcorn, all of which are fan favorites. Traditional flavors like salted caramel popcorn and chocolate popcorn are also available for your enjoyment.

It was just a hobby, to begin with. While Zac, their company’s founder, was in the theatre enjoying some popcorn, he caught a whiff of the mouthwatering and enticing scent of nasi lemak. The idea struck him all of a sudden: why not incorporate the flavor of nasi lemak into popcorn? 2017 marked the beginning of the adventure, and he hasn’t turned around since then.

Who would have imagined that out of all the different kinds of food Singapore might have come up with, popular snacks and popcorn would be on the menu? The Kettle Gourmet has developed into one of the most successful popcorn manufacturers and distributors in Singapore. They offer a freshly hand-baked popcorn snack that is seasoned with one-of-a-kind flavors that are exclusive to the area. They serve thousands of happy customers every day and spread joy to every nook and cranny of Singapore as well as the rest of the world with their popcorn delivery service, which is available islandwide and globally.

Because they put innovation at the center of their company, the possibilities around their snacks are virtually limitless. In the coming weeks and months, keep an eye on them, as they continue to develop and broaden their product offerings.

Best quality kernels

Kernel of Excellent Quality for the Very Best Popcorn After selecting only the finest kernels, they hand-bake them until they reach the ideal level of crunchiness. Have you ever been curious about the origin of their Umami Flavor Burst Popcorn? After being freshly baked each day using kernels sourced from South Africa, their popcorn is then professionally packaged and brought to your door in a timely manner. The range is ever-expanding and now includes everything from the time-honored classic salted caramel popcorn to the one-of-a-kind regional specialty kaya butter toast.

One of the most well-known and respected popular snacks and popcorn brands in Singapore is called The Kettle Gourmet. You may purchase their gourmet popcorn both online and in a variety of retail supermarkets located all around the island.