Selling Accounts of Pokemon Go Has Become the Latest Trend

Pokemon Go, soon after its lunch has become a great hit over the internet and amongst the gamers. It is a free to play location based game where the players are required to locate and capture the unique creatures in the game to use them in the battles. It has been observed that gamers with high level accounts are selling their Pokemon Go Accounts in sake of make some money from it. Players who feel like they are peaked in the game are selling their accounts to players who are new and want to get upgraded accounts instantly.

After reaching Level 27 and acquiring all the Pokedex and creatures there is no to do and hence players are simply selling their accounts to other players that are new to this game. In return, they are making handsome income from it.

Where to Find the Pokémon Go Accounts?

Online portals and ecommerce websites are the most common and popular places from where players can buy PokémonGo Accounts. People who are tired playing the game and players who cross the level 27 usually feel like to sell their accounts as there are no other options left in the game. Till the level 27 they have already captured all the unique creatures in the game and have won many battles. They feel like they have peaked in the game and hence they decide to sell their accounts online through different online websites.

pokemon go acount


Now the other main reason why you should buy pokemon go account is that there are some rarest Pokémon that you may not be able to find out in your locality or area. So to get them in your favorite list you have to buy the account. Get the highest ranking and be a star amongst your friends by choosing the top niche account from the marketplace.

Although selling PokemonGo Accounts is against the Niantic Labs regulation, but people are still selling their accounts online and making good income from it. Before selling your Pokemon Go Account you must wait and think carefully because the Google Play and Apple account may get banned for selling the accounts as it is against their rules. So, make decision accordingly after thorough thought on it.

So what are you thinking about? Give a jump start to the action you have been missing so far. Get an account which is already loaded with amazing Pokémon. Get dragonite and lapros in one click and enjoy playing the game after you get bored of daily work schedule.