Explained: The gameplay of pokemon go

Pokemon go is the popular gaming that combineswith the real-world. The players catch fictional characters like pokemon and train them to battle with each other. The game designed with the best features and cute characters. Pokemon go is developed with unique graphics, tracking and mapping technology to create augmented reality where players catch the pokemon in the real world. Anyone who plays pokemon go knows the satisfaction of seeing their pokemon go account level up.

Sign up process:

Downloading and setting up process is simple. You can find the app on google playstore for android and from Apple store. Players can use their google account to sign in or else users can create Pokemon trainer club which comes with added benefits. Once the pokemon go accountis set up users can create their profile.

How does it work?

Once your account setting is done, you can create and customize the avatars. Based on the geographical location the avatars is displayed on the screen. The map includes Pokestops and Pokemon gyms. As a player walk around, pokemon characters appear on the screen. Different pokemon species are available at different places. You have to track the pokemon, and when you are close enough the pokemon appears on the screen. Now, players can throw poke balls at them to capture them. The game aims to collect as many possible different characters. The map replaces the street names with pokemon specific buildings.

Why Pokémon Go is so popular?

The game is more exciting, where you can travel between the real world and the virtual world. Pokemon go gives chances for exploring the real locations to find the pokemon which is far from you. More and more pokemon appears including rare and powerful legendary pokemon around the globe. Look for the Pokestops where you can collect more poke balls and other items.

When you completed collecting the different characters, get ready for the exciting challenges. Any time you can take on another trainer, by using battle code, you can match up with other trainer battles. Once the battle gets over, both participants would get exciting rewards including a chance at rare evolution items. In the fast-paced battles, you have to deploy a protect shield to your pokemon to save from critical damage. Though you have only limited protect shields be careful, keep an eye on opponent’s attack. Thus, you can enjoy the gameplay, and it is a great pastime for the one to play outside of the world.