Learn here to play earn to die 4 for a smooth go

Earn To Die 4 will take you through a brave ride where you will go over a few zombies. The Earn To Die arrangement had begun at Desert Dash, and subsequent to moving to different places in the guide you have now achieved the Forgotten Hills. The past spots in the guide like the Cactus Ride and the Red Canyon can be played in the first pieces of the game. Play it here, you can find a sneak-crest to the game that has made the majority of the gamers charmed to their screens.

  • Controlling the game is basic! You simply need to utilize the Arrow keys for controlling your vehicle. The Up key is for increasing speed while the Left and Right key are for tilting of the vehicle. You can likewise utilize the WASD keys for development rather than the Arrow keys. The Ctrl key must be utilized for Boost.
  • There are three vehicles accessible in the carport, however just the first is opened. To the extent the primary vehicle is concerned; recorded beneath are the few updates that you can buy from the game Garage:

The 7.0L Diesel Engine is as of now introduced in your vehicle. You can overhaul it to the 7.5L Diesel Engine or the 8.0L Diesel Engine. The two motors are accessible for $800 and $2500 separately.

Earn To Die 4


 A 4-Speed Gearbox is available in your vehicle. The other two redesigns that are accessible are the 5-Speed Gearbox and the 6-Speed Gearbox. These gearboxes are accessible for $900 and $3000 individually.


Your present vehicle has the R24 HT Wheels. You can redesign the Wheels to R28 AT and R35 MT. These overhauls can be acquired for $500 and $1800 separately.

Zombie Kit

 You would now be able to buy the Iron Ram from the Zombie Kit for $1000.


A Heavy Machine Gun can be purchased for $2000. This weapon will empower you to shoot the zombies rapidly.


The HyperJet Thruster can be bought for $1300 to help your game. The lift will make your game less complex.


If you have to build the Fuel in your vehicle at that point include them at the cost of $100, and continue including more as you advance in the game and acquire game cash. In addition, keep a track on the fuel of your vehicle as it gets over rapidly.