Hack your dragon city

The online games are major entertainers for today’s generation. Games attract people of all genera but these days the games have shifted from grounds to indoors. Young generation loves to play online games as they create a wonderful world of imagination and gives them plenty of space to enjoy. Games online are a zest among the online players and dragon hack is one of the top most in the list. Dragon City is one of the most played games on Facebook. This game has played from all around the world. The game is played on a dragon island where there are more than 100 types of dragons. Players get to meet new dragons every week. Playing dragon city needs the plates to buy gold and gems. One can buy as many gold and gems as they require. The more gold and gems a player has, the more interesting the game becomes. But one can also get these gems and gold for free using online dragon city hack tools.

How to hack dragon city

How to hack dragon city, the players get manyonline sites and tools. One can select a genuine online tool and earn gold and gems for free. Here are some simple steps to generate free gold and gems using hack tools.

  1. Choose the platform which you are using to play.
  2. Link to your account: Link your Facebook account with the hack generator tool.
  3. Specify the gold and gems: Specify the number of gold and gems you require to be linked to your account.
  4. Generate: Click on the generate button to generate the number of gold and gems you have specified.

Use the exact proxy connection encryption code to your server so that your server is not intercepted while loading the gems and gold. This creates the number of gold and gems you require and that will appear in your dragon city account. You can use these gems and gold to proceed with the game. Using these gems and gold you can get foods and feed to your dragon and keep them active and healthy all the time. Active dragons work faster and help you to successfully reach further stages.

But the key thing to remember is to use the proper server for generating your gold and gems. Do not use any site without verification, as there are chances of infection with virus and malware which may spoil your system. So always choose wisely and enjoy in your dragon city.