6 Weird Incidents And Interesting Facts About Pokemon Go

Everyone surely knows about Pokémon Go, a huge success of Nintendo. This app utilizes your smartphone’s GPS and wireless network to pinpoint your location and show it on the app’s map, following your every step and displaying Pokémon, Gyms, and Pokéstops when you get close to any of these. The game swept the world for the way it links the real world and the world of Pokémon. As of writing, the app has been downloaded for over a billion times. Here we’re going to look at the 6 crazy things that happened and facts about Pokémon Go.

#1 In less than two weeks, more than 20 million users in the US downloaded Pokémon Go when it was first launched on July 6, 2016. More than five percent of Android users in the US installed the app two days after the game was  released. Its downloads also surpassed Tinder on all Android devices, and the app once officially became more popular than porn.  It generated $200 million in revenue in the first month, almost double of Clash Royale and seven times more of Candy Crush in its first month.

#2 Pokémon Go was inspired by a 2014 Google April Fools Day challenge, which involved capturing Pokémon on Google Maps. It happened when Google teamed up with The Pokémon Company for the event in the said year. It’s been part of Google’s culture to come up with ideas for April Fools Day, and the teams would then work on those ideas and make them happen. This culture was also adapted by Niantic later on after the creation of Pokémon Go.

Getting The Best Pokemon GO Account Possible

#3 Some people left their jobs to play Pokémon Go, created pokemon go multiple accounts and sold them for money on eBay. Auctions for some of the high-level accounts have reached thousands of dollars and pounds.  Some people have become physically active because of this game, while some are inactive players who are willing to spend thousands of pennies to get all the Pokémon with lesser effort.  It was reported that a teacher from London left her job to create multiple Pokémon Go accounts, play the game, and sell the accounts on eBay for money.

#4 There is anecdotal evidence that the game improved several people’s mental health after playing the game. Many people reported and tweeted on their social media accounts that the game did wonders for their mental health,  as it encouraged them to step out into the real world and experience it.

Walking in nature disperses negative thinking, restores our mind, and its power for critical thinking. Walking outdoors is also beneficial for our physical health. Pokémon Go players have begun to go out more and more, which has helped them relax as they spend time outdoors.

#5 The game has designated Pokéstops, and other in-game options to some very odd places. Some have reported Pokéstops and Gyms inside graveyards, police stations, museums, hospitals, and some sacred places. Authorities have even asked players to be aware of their surroundings, or the places they’re at and to not impede their work.

#6 A small device called Pokémon Go Plus lets the players play the game without looking at their phone’s screen. It connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth, and whenever a player is close to a PokéStop, it vibrates and blinks with various colors. Players can also press the button to look for PokéStops or other items and catch Pokémon. It is often worn as a wristband.