Where can I watch movies online without ads [Closed]

You’ve probably noticed that in recent years both you and your friends watch less and less TV and spend more time on sites like YouTube, Twitch, Netflix or HBO. Recent studies confirm these suspicions, since 2010 the number of young people between 16 and 24 who watch television has dropped by 33% and only people over 65 remain faithful to the classic style of watching television. Times change and not everyone can afford to pay for a subscription to Netflix, so in this article, we will collect the best programs that are currently available to watch movies and series online completely free.

primewire movies

The operation of these programs is generally similar: download the torrent file of the video as you see it, once you have finished watching that movie or series, you can configure the program to remove the file from your computer or stay guarded. The more people are sharing that torrent file, the faster the download will be, both for you and for others.

Programs to see content in Spanish

If you are only interested in watching movies and series with voices in Spanish, the following two programs are your only options. On the other hand, if you have no problem listening to the voices in English or in its original version but with subtitles in Spanish, you can take a look at the programs that we recommend below.

Without a doubt , Pelis Magnet is the ideal option for Spanish users, since it offers a very simple interface and filters all its content so that they only appear in Spanish. It was created from the Popcorn Time code, which was the first service that used this method to have an online catalog of movies available at all times through the use of torrents.

Its disadvantage letmewatchthis tv is obvious: as it is a program designed only for Spanish-speaking users, the user community is much smaller than that of Popcorn Time, so the availability of films is lower and its quality will be lower


Retrovision is one of the best options to download movies for free. Within the same page you will find some deceptive ads that say “download here”, but the player in the middle of the page will be the real link to watch the movie online and also download it.


Classic Cinema Online allows you to download classics from yesterday, today and always (Photo: Classic Cinema Online)

If you are a fan of the classics of the seventh art, Classic Cinema Online will be your favorite page. The catalog of this web consists of classics of the big screen that you can download completely free. Here you will find from old horror movies to family films to enjoy as a group.