Adventurous Telugu Movies that Engages Audience

Since the Telugu population loves to watch action films, the Tollywood business favours producing such. The heroic characters and action-packed narratives of most Tollywood movies help them be financially successful.

Most recent Telugu action films are renowned for their faultless scripts, acting, and action scenes. Therefore, if you also enjoy action movies, you are in good hands with us. You may binge-watch as many action Telugu action movies as you like from our extensive collection of current and famous titles. 


Alluri Seethamaraju (Sri Vishnu), a police officer, is a trustworthy and conscientious person. Everyone will not tolerate injustice. He corrects in his way. As a result, rewards are obtained through location-to-location transfers. What kinds of difficulties did Rama Raju experience during his life? Watch the film to find out more! 

2-Bheemla Nayak 

Bheemla Nayak movie is based on an honest, sincere, upright cop who faces off against an ex-army. He’s some wannabe politician. Watch Bheemla Nayak know how things alter when pride and self-esteem fight it out. 


If you’re looking for exciting yet action movies, this movie has to be on your priority list! A little location called Chor Bazaar is well renowned for its stolen goods. This region is home to Akash Puri. One day, a member of his group receives a stolen diamond. This gem is being sought by the police, criminals, and gangsters. 

Pawan Kalyan's Bheemla Nayak Cracks A Huge Deal Of Satellite Rights


Ghani swore to his mother that he would never engage in boxing during his formative years, even if it was his passion. But fate had other ideas. You might experience emotional outbursts after seeing this film. 


We highly recommend watching this film! All the illegal mafia businesses in Vaivaka Village are under the control of Kanakam. ACP Shankar intervenes and attempts to thwart the plan while these things are happening. Will he investigate the problem thoroughly and out the lawbreaker? What do you think?  

6-Jai Bhajrangi 

When a man named Jeeva, who is looking for his real identity, lands in Ramadurga, he discovers that his grandfather, Bajarangi, is the person who saved the villagers from an evil Tantrik. Will Jeeva now find out what he was born for? 

This movie may be your go-to if you’re seeking an emotionally charged, thrilling, and adventurous film. 


Little do they realise how their lives will change when a wanted terrorist, a fascist, and a local goon clash with an honest cop, Potharaju Veerashankar. You want to know how their life changes in a different direction. Perhaps there is more to life than just making money. 

Final notes 

Telugu films have always left an impression on viewers and have made significant contributions to the expansion of the Indian cinema industry. You can watch all the great Telugu action movies with an Aha subscription. Subscribe today!