Why Is Silk Preferred Over Any Other Fabric?

Sarees have always had a special place in the heart of Indian women. It comes in various textures paired with blouses, Silk as well as cotton. With the approaching wedding season, it is now time to get your sarees ready. Silk sarees are now back in demand! Which one will you prefer?

What is Silk, and how is it produced? 

Silk is produced by silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves. To get Silk from silkworms, one must feel them with mulberry leaves for about a few months. Succeeding to this, they complete their life cycle, and when they do so, they start producing cocoons all around their body which is used to make the silk fabric.

Approximately it takes around 3000 cocoons if one desires to produce half a kilo of silk fabric. It is used in the making of a silk blouse and nighties, dresses, ties, bed sheets, curtains, and a lot more.

Honour The Tradition And Be Trendy

Features of Silk 

The following characteristics generally mark silk:

  • Strength
  • Shine
  • Absorbency
  • Drying speed
  • Elasticity
  • Breathability
  • Thermal regulation
  • Low density
  • High resistance to deformation
  • Affinity to dye
  • Insulation properties

Advantages of Silk blouses over Cotton blouses 

Advantages of possessing a silk blouse over a cotton blouse are as follows:

  • The surface of Silk as a fabric is smoother than that of cotton.
  • Silk is comparatively much more lustrous and elegant when compared to cotton.
  • The moisture permeability of Silk is approximately 1.5 times more than that of cotton. This means that it can dissipate or absorb all the gases released by humans more effectively.
  • Silk is a highly absorbent fabric and absorbs 30% of its weight without any damp feeling. This helps in making the fabric breathable as it can absorb one’s sweat and can also dry in no time!

Silk is one of the best fabrics available around the market. Silk being a forever trendy mood, is used by a good amount of audiences today. Do you own a silk blouse? Hurry and get one if you don’t.