Which used car to buy?

To choose your used car, you need to define your needs, but also your budget. Before you get into a purchase, it is useful to be well informed to make the right choice and aim for good deals. First of all, you will have to determine the model that you need: city car, compact (sedan), family road, SUV, minivan, sport? Here are some tips for reliability.

The best-used compact

A used cars in apex   is suitable for medium-sized families and shows a lot of versatility: for the city or the countryside, the road or short trips. The second-hand market is dominated by Asian brands, which are for the most part very reliable

Points to check before buying

Have you found a used car dealership that might interest you? Good news, but before buying, it is recommended to comb the vehicle. What elements to check?

The outside of the car

  • The bodywork, its condition, and its uniformity;
  • The condition of the tires and the spare wheel, their wear and their regularity;
  • The condition of the bumper and the lights;
  • Engine, oil level, coolant, and brake;
  • The battery and any traces of white on the terminals, which are signs of mismanaging;
  • The rocker and any traces of rust or shock under the car.

used cars in apex

The interior of the car

  • The condition of seats, belts, floor, steering wheel, pedals;
  • The proper functioning of accessories: heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, windshield wipers, window lifts, car radios, etc. ;
  • The odometer: if the numbers are not aligned, it could be modified;

Errors to avoid when buying a used car

To avoid unpleasant surprises, it is better to have in mind some basic tips on mistakes to avoid.

If it sounds obvious, never buy a car without testing it. Drive the car on different types of roads, test all speeds, be sensitive to noise, acceleration and braking and see if you feel good.

Other mistakes to avoid:

Test the car alone. A second opinion is always welcome, especially if you know little by car or this is your first purchase;

Try the car at night or in bad weather. You will get a more realistic idea of the vehicle during the day because the defects will be more visible;

To commit too quickly. Give yourself a real-time to watch the car and try it.

Ask yourself the question of the fair value of the vehicle. To see if the suggested price is right, check the argus, that is to say, the rating of the vehicle.