What exactly are lab grown diamonds?

Lab Developed Diamonds are test tube babies grown from a single diamond seed under the same heat and pressure as the earth’s crust. They are environmentally beneficial since they do not cause environmental damage through mining. This category has gained widespread acceptability because it avoids the stigma associated with blood diamonds. Most importantly, labgrown diamond is more uniform and less expensive than earth-mined diamonds.

How they’re made

The majority of naturally occurring diamonds on the market today originated deep under the planet’s surface, in the planet’s mantle layer. Carbon rearranged on an atomic level after billions of years of high heat and pressure, resulting in the solid form of a diamond. Deep-source volcanic eruptions brought diamonds closer to the surface via kimberlite pipes in places of the world where the circumstances and temperatures were favorable for diamond formation. The valuable stones are then extracted from these gigantic, deep-reaching craters.

Is that a genuine diamond?

Yes, that is a genuine diamond; even the most modern gem laboratories have certified it as such. The only difference is that instead of being mined from the soil, these diamonds are grown in a lab under controlled conditions. Fiona presents you an excellent variety of designer jewellery studded with brilliant lab grown diamonds, all with a money back guarantee!

What distinguishes it from Moissanites?

Moissanites are just another gemstone with properties similar to diamonds, and in the case of solitaires, they are still the best option to go for because solitaires of lab grown diamonds are still quite expensive, costing around 50% of the price of mined diamonds, whereas Moissanites cost only 10% of mined diamonds.

Is it accessible in every possible hue and clarity?

Yes, lab grown diamonds are available in different colours and clarity, much like mined diamonds, but Fiona believes in quality, hence Fiona jewellery only uses EF colour and VVS – VS clarity with superb cut to provide its clients the best.

But if it’s created in a lab, how can it be REAL diamond?

Even test tube babies are created in the lab, but they are genuine, so these diamonds are created from a single carbon seed and have the same traits and attributes as mined diamonds. Furthermore, certificates from reputable labs authenticate them as diamonds rather than FAKE diamonds or cubic zirconia.