What are the different types of loft conversions available for your home?

Once it concerns loft renovations, there are several solutions available. The style you pick is mainly determined by the amount of room you want to add and your expenditure. Still, it’s also crucial to address planning constraints and the visual effect of your preferred type on your home – it should blend in with the art form rather than appear as an afterthought. Moreover, with Home Pursuits guidance for conventional houses, there are four major loft types to choose from:​

  • Dormer: An architectural addition of the home that extends vertically from the current roof’s pitch. Dormers often possess a gabled or flat roof, which provides adequate head level and plenty of extra room. They are also pretty cheap.

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  • Mansard: The party boundary is elevated in this form, but the ceiling stays flat, and the outside wall curves inside. It is said to be more visually pleasing than a dormer and works exceptionally well for vintage terraced dwellings.
  • Hip to gable – The process of straightening an internally inclined roof to produce a vertical surface is known as Hip to gable. Since it fits into the current framework, a hip to gable transformation is ideal for an edge or isolated property.
  • Roof light: Skylight windows allow you to create the maximum of a relatively large loft area without needing to tweak the roof layout. All you have to do now is strengthen the flooring and adequately insulate it with Home Pursuits guidance. This alternative is about 25% less expensive and is more likely to be accepted.