Vortex tubes an environmental friendly device

Today there are number of problems being faced by the environment due to mistakes done by human beings and the result is clearly visible in the form of Ozone depletionand global warming caused due to chloroflorocarbons refrigerants. This has made an urge for the invention of Vortextubes which uses natural substance such as air for cooling purpose. This is an eco friendlydevice and comes with simple design and can be placed easily.

Use of Vortex tubes in coal mines:With the increased in the depth of the mines and due to improved technologies the heat damage of the high temperature mine has become an serious issue which not only affects the production capacity on the other hand effects the health of the human beings. The damage caused due to heat can be solved in two different ways.  When the heat damage is minimum and mine ventilation which is natural can be used for cooling mines by increasing the intensity of ventilation. Ventilation cooling is applicable only to those mines where damage of heat is not serious.

Artificial cooling refrigeration methods are also used which involves four different ways, artificial cooling water, artificial ice cooling, and compressed air cooling. For the purpose of artificial cooling large machine equipments are used for reducing the overall temperature of the mines. The process involves high investments and operational costs and also creates noise pollution and poor cooling effect. The equipments cannot be carried easily and installation will also be a big problem. Vortex tubes serves the problems of coal mines easily as these devices are compact in nature and comes at low cost and can be maintained easily.

Vortex tubes as cooling jacket: Vortex tubes are mainly famous for its stability, durability and reliability. Vortex tubes can be used safely and can be installed and disassembled easily and can also be used in harsh environment.

Vortex tubes type of mine cooling jacket uses filtered compressed air and vortex tube technology to make sure that the users are comfortable in the extreme hot conditions. The human cooling jacket makes the cold air pass though the vest of the hole into the user’s back, chest and face which enables the users to keep the upper body cool so that the miners can increase the efficiency in the production and can enhance the safety of work in the hot environment. Vortex tubes used as cooling agents the air flow guide that is evenly distributed in the vest deliver cold air to the trunk or the head of the human body which controls body’s local environmental temperature and achieves the affect of body conditioning. Miners can turn the knob and thermometer that can be switched on or off  immediately and easy to control at any time to adjust the outlet temperature of the air conditioner.