Semi-Permanent Vs Gel Nail Polish: Which is Better for Your Nails?

The last thing that can ruin your holidays is by having a tattered and chipped nail polish.  If you have to choose between painting your nails with a nail polish that can be easily chipped and break compared to the one that doesn’t, it is always a good choice to pick the one that doesn’t.

But which is which? Semi-permanent nail polish or gel nail polish? To find out the answers to all these nail polish questions, keep on scrolling down and continue reading.

Semi-Permanent Nail Polish: Are They Really Better?

Semi-permanent nail polish is a half regular nail polish and half gel. It is typically applied with two color coats and a top coat to protect the manicure of your nails. Between each coat, painted with color and set the finishing polish by putting your nails under a piece of special manicure equipment called – UV light.

Semi-Permanent Nails at Home

Semi-Permanent and Gel Polish: What is The Difference?

If you are not fully informed about the difference of these nail polishes, to put it simply, gel polish is a semi-permanent gel. On the other hand, semi-permanent is almost the same with a permanent nail polish type that only a manicure expert can remove the nail polish.

Esmalte uñas semipermanente can last up to three to four weeks depends upon on the growth of the nails while gel nail polish can only last up to one to two weeks. So when it comes to duration, semi-permanent is always the best option.

Is Semi-Permanent Nail Polish Bad for Your Nails?

There’s been a lot of topics on the internet lately as to whether a semi-permanent nail polish can be a cause of cancer because in order to dry up semi-permanent polish it needs UV lights.

So to avoid this kind scenario, prevention process is the best solution. You can apply at least SPF30 and above to your nails, hand, and body 20 minutes before the UV Lights drying-up process.

Can You Get Semi-Permanent Nails at Home?

Unfortunately, it is recommended to have painted your nails at the salon if you are planning to use semi-permanent nails. Because most of the semi-permanent nail polish can only dry up to UV lights equipment. However, if you’re looking for a DIY alternative, you can never go wrong with gel nail polish.

With all the information mentioned above, when it comes to duration semi-permanent is always the best option. But if you a person who loves to explore with different colors, gel nail polish suits you the best since it is easier to remove compared to semi-permanent nail polish.