Rules are prepared in compliance for the internal order based on the legislation.

The experienced specialist will always have the required knowledge on how to organize and coordinate with the people. If you want to hire a paid house manager from an agency then you should take various factors into consideration. The necessary documentation is always required in order to handle the qualified professional house manager on a daily basis. The general meetings are conducted and organized by the служебен домоуправител in order to meet the requirements of the job. The current legislation and regulation will always be in compliance with the preparation of rules in the internal order. You can know about the accidents and problems in the shortest possible time with the assistance provided by the technical person.

they can use the manager to the complete potential.

Get ready to prepare schedule:

The general assembly will have control over all the residents who work in the organisation. The owners and users are prepared and maintained as per the requirements of the ZEUS. The actions and procedures should be taken into consideration in order to know about the registration in the municipality. The identified irregularities in the EU will be identified when you are ready to prepare a schedule with the служебен домоуправител. The accidents and urgent repairs in the organisation are useful to eliminate the different types of problems. The repairs and reconstructions are prepared in the annual plan along with the actions of renovation. The sanitation of the common parts can be carried out effectively along with the adjacent parts around the building. The adjacent parts around the building can be used for organizing and performing snow removal.

Collect the monthly due payments:

The licensed partners in the company will always work hard in order to organize the maintenance of elevators. Qualified technicians will always offer high-quality services in order to meet the needs of the individuals. The specific needs of the EU can be tailored according to the annual budget based on preparation and implementation. The monthly due instalments can be collected from the owners in a convenient way. The timely payment of the amounts like electricity and water supply are strictly monitored by our team. The monthly reports are prepared based on the collected fees in order to know about the irregular payers. The disputes between the neighbours can be solved easily by the licensed mediators. The decisions of the general assembly can be adopted based on the enforcement of EU.