Rigless Intervention Systems: Superior to Traditional Ways

The oil well drilling process starts with finding the offshore reservoir and then using the mobile drilling equipment for the drilling process. Once the temporary drilling units finish their work, permanent offshore platforms are installed for the following processes. Well drilling – a process of drilling holes in the ocean to withdraw the natural resources from deep within. It is one of the most challenging parts of the whole process (carried out in many stages). The complete process becomes even more taxing amid difficult weather conditions like the freezing temperature of seawater and strong sea currents with high pressure. The structures are therefore designed in such a way that they could bear the brunt of external forces of the sea. The rigless intervention systems are becoming popular for carrying out drilling of offshore wells.

Some of the factors of rigless intervention systems

Subsea well intervention has been around for more than two decades now, with the interest in the technology heightened recently because of some factors. The first being the high oil prices which made operators realize the high cost of previous systems. Another reason is the increasing numbers of sea wells resulting in a shortage of rigs, which have grown the interest in new and alternative techniques.

As the number of subsea wells is growing rapidly, the maintenance cost is also bound to increase exponentially in the coming future. This has prompted the companies to eliminate rig-based systems and adopt rigless intervention systems. Such a system reduces the cost involved in intervention allowing flexibility in deployment simultaneously.

Conventionally, intervention techniques employ a rig-based system, requiring higher pressure between subsea well and rig. This process was not at all economic and also resulting issues like hydrocarbon management at the surface.

Lightwell intervention techniques give you rigless solutions which are both cost-effective and readily available. The system consists of a wireline winch, tool storage unit, and well package control along with equipment and associated controls. This offers you total control of the well. The wireline tasks which were done by the traditional techniques can also be handled by a rigless system, including downhole production logging and crown plugs retrieval.

A rigless system can benefit you in ways the conventional techniques cannot. PRT Offshore offers you these solutions that can outperform the traditional options.