Part of the Road Trip

Joe Average doesn’t take long to complete his road trip planning. Look at a map and select the roads that promise to get you there faster. Arrive on time after seeing only miles of sidewalks, toll booths, and a rest stop or two. Punctuality index: 10. Enjoy: 0.

You are not like Joe They know that the best parts of a trip are:

  1. a) planning,
  2. b) the landscape and
  3. c) experiences and discoveries along the way.

In other words, the best part of a road tripping quotes is the best road trip. How do you find those secret scenic drives that maps don’t show you? Well, you could take a chance. Take the road less traveled, the secondary road, instead of the more traveled and direct route. You may be lucky and find one of the best road trips. Or you land in first gear and drive through a construction zone, something else the map didn’t show you. There is a better way.

Tips from a road trip addict

I have been addicted to scenic drives since the day I got my driver’s license. I’ve tucked my rubber neck on some of the incredibly beautiful and little-known road trips in America, national treasures people in a hurry never get to see.

Find scenic drives

If you love to get behind the wheel because it brings you closer to nature, you are living in the right country. The United States has some of the most impressive landscapes in the world. Much of it is in our national and state parks, all of which are accessible by road.

Plan the excitement

The best road trips for adrenaline junkies usually consist of a combination of curves, hills, valleys, rivers, lakes or waterfalls, and precarious coastal roads. Many happy hours can be spent flooding maps to make your travel plans.

Find popular attractions

One of the best sources for this type of information is your local classic car club. When they’re not playing under the hood, they’re driving on the open road and meeting other drivers who know the best roads and trails … and you can bet they’re not on the highway! Or you can ask anyone riding a large cruiser motorcycle where they have been lately. You’re likely to get a year of great travel plans for the best road trips in all of America.