Is it safe to use bitcoins?

As you know bitcoins is one of the cryptocurrencies which has value for it similar to normal currency. Also it is not regulated by any central authority like government of the state or central and so there is no involvement of any third party. Though it can be a merit, some people are fear to use them as there is no financial body involved in transacting this digital money.

One of the common things that run in the minds of almost all people who are new to use this bitcoin is “is it safe to use?” Of course, it is, as they are developed by specific protocol and strong cryptography which makes it strong and difficult to hack the transactions made with them. You have bitcoin wallets to store and transfer bitcoins and these wallets are secured with highly secured keys namely public and private keys. They are acting as digital signatures to save your cryptocurrencies and thus you do not need to panic about your bitcoins being lost or stolen by some other person.

These digital wallets are used similar to normal wallets which used to store physical cash and the only difference is it is storing your digital money instead of liquid cash. With these keys, no one can hack your wallet but you have to give strong passwords so that you will not regret later. Also it is recommended for you to change your password and public address more often to get rid of any mishappens. From this you can say that bitcoins are so safe to use.