Instagram’s Role in Social Justice and Activism

Instagram is a social media platform that has had a significant impact on the lives of its users over the past few years. This impact has primarily come in the form of an increased presence for social justice causes. Social media platforms provide an opportunity for issues to be brought to light and a platform for people to share their opinions. Go Read services are constantly evolving and improving, keeping up with changes to Instagram’s algorithm and policies.

Here are the Instagram’s role in social justice and activism:

Selfies and Empowerment  

The first way that Instagram is an aspect of social justice is through the selfies that its users post. Users on Instagram have become more accepting of each other’s bodies and identities than on other social media platforms. The selfie has become a form of empowerment for people who feel negative about their appearance. In some communities, there are even self-help groups in which people can go to get support and help with their weight issues, body image issues, self-esteem issues, etc.

Hashtag Activism  

Another way that Instagram is an aspect of social justice is through hashtag activism. With the new Trending Hashtags feature, trends and issues can be brought to light more easily. An example of this is when #BringBackOurGirls trended on the platform, bringing awareness to the kidnapping of hundreds of African schoolgirls by a terrorist group in Nigeria. Different celebrities, organizations and individual users posted about how they were going to help stop this crime from continuing.

Activism or Just “Social Justice Warriors”?

The third way that Instagram is an aspect of social justice is through the backlash it has received for its users’ focus on social justice causes. Although Instagram does have a filter for social justice content, there are still users who complain about the heavy focus on these issues on the site. They believe that people just want attention and view themselves as social justice warriors rather than actually being active in the real world to help out. Additionally, people who post about social justice issues sometimes receive backlash from those who don’t agree with the causes.

Instagram’s Role in Social Justice and Activism

Instagram has become a large platform for social justice and activism, with different political and social views being presented on the platform every day. Hashtags also help to spread awareness to issues that people may not know as much about. While there is still some backlash towards this activism, it is becoming more widely accepted by users of all races and genders.

The Future of Social Justice and Instagram

While Instagram has become more accepting of social justice issues than other social media platforms, there is still work to be done in the future. This can be done by Instagram continuing to provide a safe space for users to share their stories and for celebrities, organizations and other people to speak about important issues.