How to Promote Your Facebook Page for Business

You’re probably wondering how to promote your Facebook page for business so it gets noticed.

That’s because you know the competition on Facebook is massive. By 2016, there were already 60 million business pages on it. That number goes up every year, so you can just imagine how much worse it is now.

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you how to promote your Facebook page for business and get it more attention through blogger outreach agency.

Enhancing Your Facebook Company Page

There were 80 million small- and medium-sized business pages on Facebook by July 2018. That gives you an idea of how many companies like yours use it as part of their online marketing.

You need to keep up with the competition. To do that, you need to know how to promote your Facebook page for business.

Your Facebook company page is more or less your digital storefront. It’s the official center of your presence on the platform. So keeping your Facebook company page in good trim is critical. You don’t just forget about your storefront after you’ve set it up.

You clean it, repaint it, add to and improve things on it over time. And when your competitors do something to spruce up their storefronts, you spruce up yours.

In other words, you have to continuously enhance your storefront unless you want to be overshadowed by the competition.

To help you with that, I’m giving you my secrets for how to promote your Facebook page and how to get it more audience notice.

Spend More Time Online (and on Your Page)

Being online and active often is the first answer to how to promote your Facebook page for business.

Simply being more active on your page can do a lot to enhance it. Oddly enough, not a lot of business owners actually do this! If you’re only checking your Facebook page occasionally, it will hurt your brand engagement or worse, your credibility.

Being more active on your page helps show your presence is legitimate. After all, why would a company go to the trouble of maintaining a page unless it were truly an asset?

Being active is also a means of nurturing your brand’s fans. It shows them that you’re committed to maintaining the place where they can connect with you.

So how exactly should you be active when trying to learn how to promote your Facebook page? There are a lot of things you can do.

Try posting brand or industry updates, offering special discounts, posting original content, or sharing posts. You can also take note of what competitors do on their pages. In fact, checking out the competition is a good way to learn how to promote your Facebook page through the help of blogger outreach agency!

Post Useful and Informative Content

When people see interesting content on their newsfeed and click on it, they’re directed to your Facebook company page. So putting out interesting content can actually contribute to the number of eyeballs your page gets.

That’s why content marketing is part of any guide on how to promote your Facebook page for business. A fair portion of the visitors company pages get come just from redirects like the one described above.

How can you get as many of these as possible? Produce content that’s valuable for your target customers. It helps to know too which types of content get the most engagement.


Types of Content on Facebook

Facebook is a multimedia platform, so it allows you to post a variety of content. You can post plain text or status updates, photos, videos, and even live videos.

Which one should you use? If you’re serious about learning how to promote your Facebook page, you should ideally use all of them. But it may depend on the topic of each post as well as your industry.

Here’s a quick tip, though: regardless of your business, a Facebook video post generally gets a 6.01 percent engagement rate. That’s a higher engagement rate than photo, link, and status posts.

Posting the Right Content for Your Audience

The easiest way to know the right content for your audience is to just follow the trends in your niche. In fact, watching the trends is critical when learning how to promote your Facebook page.

But there are also other ways to identify topics for your material.

First, try checking out influencers’ content. Influencers are popular authorities in your niche.

Influencers’ posts usually get a LOT of engagement. That’s why checking out their posts will give you an idea of the best content to offer to your audience.

Another idea is to build up a buzz around your own products or services. Stimulate engagement by linking them to a contest. You can even ask your audience to answer related questions.

For example, if your product is a protein mix for beverages, you can put out recipe posts that also call for customers to offer their own recipes.

This is a great idea because audiences are always more interested in topics to which they can contribute. When they promote their recipe posts, they’ll also be promoting your brand.

Interact with Your Target Audience

At the start of this guide on how to promote your Facebook page, we talked first about being online more often. But now we need to talk about being online specifically to interact.

Interacting with your target audience can do a lot if you’re trying to figure out how to promote your Facebook page. It shows them that you’re not just on the platform to talk about your brand — you’re also there to talk with them.

Consumers will appreciate it if your Facebook company page sees a lot of this activity. It tells them you can be reached, which makes your business instantly more dependable.

That’s because people prefer to buy from someone they know they can reach afterwards. Would you be more likely to buy from a salesman living in your town or from one you know will vanish the next day?

Learning how to converse with your audience is important when learning how to promote your Facebook page. Don’t be afraid to respond to comments viewers post. Doing so will actually encourage them to comment more!

If word gets out that you always answer comments on your Facebook company page, don’t be surprised if you get new people coming to leave them. Facebook is a social network, after all — interaction counts for a lot on it.

So from now on, whenever you find a chance to interact with someone on your page, do it. It’s critical if you’re looking to learn how to promote your Facebook page so you can build up your brand’s reputation.

Reach Your Target Audience through Facebook Ads

Never forget Facebook ads when learning how to promote your Facebook page for business. These ads can increase your reach because they appear on target audiences newsfeeds even if they’re not yet following your page.

Get enough Facebook ads in front of the right users and you should get a lot more visitors to your page afterward. If you’ve been following the rest of the tips in my guide, you could even get more followers!

Of course, you have to pay for Facebook Ads, so it’s crucial that you consider several things when making them:

  • Ad objective,
  • Bidding type and amount,
  • Audience,
  • Ad quality, and
  • Your industry.

The ads that you make should help you achieve your marketing goals on Facebook. To do that, you need to create exciting announcements so your target audience will click on them.

Learning how to make Facebook ads is vital to learning how to promote your Facebook page. Basically, this is the most efficient and effective way of promoting online, that is to reach through a blogger outreach agency.