Grow Your Amazon Business With Helium 10

Helium 10 is an amazing software product, which includes various tools that will help the Amazon sellers to find different product ideas, evaluate their competition, and track the success especially in the terms of rankings.

Helium 10 is an only suite of the Amazon FBA tools made for product research, SEO, fraud protection, refunds, and inventory management, but you must know about helium 10 trial too.

Helium 10 offered each essential tool and feature that a seller will want to include, which includes research and analytics, operational assistance, and dashboard that offers sellers the detailed view of product performance over Amazon and ability to find the top-notch products, which can give you 6 to 7 figure revenue.

How Can You Use Helium10?

Amazon seller looking to get most from the tool such as Helium 10 has to know where this tool is highly effective.

It is an important part of Helium 10 where we will check out how to use this amazing tool. There’re some features that will make a vast difference in boosting the chances of success.

Though you will find various other features that are quite useful, these are ones that can prove really very helpful.

Amazon Business With Helium 10

Keyword Tracker

The Keyword Tracker tool allows you monitor various changes that you make in the optimization efforts, so you may visualize how these changes affected where the product listing actually ranks for the specific keywords.


Scribbles tool of Helium 10 helps to completely optimize the product listings with best front-end & back-end keywords.

Scribbles ensures you do not miss on valuable keywords & makes it simple to write down highly optimized titles, descriptions, bullet points, and even search term keywords.

Hijacker Alert and Brand Gate Checker

Brand Gate Checker assists you to analyze level of protection that your brand has got against hijackers. Hijacker Alert tool generally allows you get notifications when anything happens to the product listings at Helium 10.

You may set certain alerts that will trigger whenever the new seller gets over the listing, somebody leaves listing, or you lost a buy box.

Which Is the Best Plan for you?

Now if you are thinking which is the plan for you then it depends upon what stage the business is at. Suppose you are starting out then you can start with starter plan & work on the top. Suppose you are the professional Amazon seller, you can go with Platinum plan that gives you an access to the basic and advanced features.