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E-cigarettes usually come in various kinds of shapes as well as sizes. Many of them have a battery, a heating element, and also a place to hold the liquid. These types of cigarettes produce an aerosol by heating the liquid that mainly consists of nicotine which is the addictive component in regular cigarettes, cigars as well as other tobacco products, other kinds of flavorings, and also chemicals as well which help in producing the aerosol. People just inhale this aerosol into their lungs. You can try our lost vape brand in order to have an excellent experience of vaping and to get thee-cigarette of your choice.

e-cigarettes are also called by several names. They are sometimes regarded as e-cigs, e-hookahs, mods, vape pens, vapes, tank systems as well as other electronic nicotine delivery systems. Some of the cigarettes are made in such a manner that they resemble like the regular cigarette, cigars, or a pipe. But some of them can look like a pen, USB sticks, or any other kind of daily use items. The larger types of devices like the tank systems or the mods do no look like any other tobacco product. If we use an e-cigarette, then it is regarded as vaping.

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With various kinds of different electronic cigarette brands to choose from at present, it can get often difficult to know where to turn. However, there is one brand that never disappoints and that is lost vape. They have been wowing their customers with the help of their high-end devices since 2014.

Story of lost vape

The industry of electronic cigarettes was still in infancy when lost vape was developed in the year 2014. Frank Guo was the person as well as the innovator who saw an opportunity in this industry and then it finally resulted in him creating a new luxury brand with some unique devices that are designed with the ease of use, beauty as well as functionality in the mind. the aim of this brand is to make an exceptional user experience that is unprecedented in the industry and they are certainly on the path to achieving their goal.