Get The Best Property Management By Key In Las Vegas

Key realty school is a business school for adult business and other licensing processes. This school is based in Nevada in Las Vegas, the school offers education in business and licensing in many fields such as – Appraisal, association management, business broker, inspection, mortgage lending, property management, real estate education, and timeshare. The majority of the share of the Key realty school is owned by the key consulting which is a division in the key companies.

The course of property management

  • Key Reality school offers the course of key property management las vegas in several different areas. According to the state of Nevada, the one who manages the property and does all activities related to property management have to have a property management permit that should be active. You can choose the various services which are provided.
  • The pre-licensing course is a three-day course and is taught on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. After the completion of the course, there will be a permit test by the Nevada state. The pre-licensing course is designed in such a way that that it satisfies the minimum education required by the state of Nevada for its permit as required by property management. The tuition fees as required for this course is $189.
  • In the section for continuing education for Property management, a minimum of 3 hours is required to be studied in Nevada property management after every 2 years. The key realty school also provides a course which is titled as Eviction and is tailored to satisfy the requirements as stated by the state policy. This course is delivered online to the students and then the content files for the course are emailed to the student’s account. The student is responsible to go through the content files and then take the quiz for the course. As soon as the course quiz is taken by the certificate is generates instantly.
  • The test prep is an optional thing designed for assisting the students for better preparation in the Nevada Property Management Permit Test. According to some evidence shown by previous test results have shown an improvement in the results for the property management test. The tuition fees for this whole seminar are $50.

Is it possible for a student to activate their permit for property management?

Yes, it is the responsibility of a student to activate their permit for property management. After the completion of the course, the student has to email their certificate, of course, education as well as the result of the test to the Nevada Real Estate division. The fee for the permit is $40. After the payment and course completion, the individual will get their property management permit activated.