For fruitarians!

            There are many people all over the world who have decided to eat fruits most of the time and they have come to be called as fruitarians. There is a growing list of such fruit lovers all over the globe and they do it for weight maintenance and health care. They also buy a n unusual quantity of fruits when compared with the others as their main diet includes only different kinds of fruits. Such people must be aware that they need to look at the fruit labels before deciding on what to buy while they are shopping at the super market.

Check this first!

            The fruits are produced in many countries around the world and they get transported from one place to other even within the same country. There are certain factors which the fruits producers have to keep in mind and follow the instruction given by the health authorities in their own country and when they are exporting them then they have to conform to the laws of the importing country. The labels must hold all the important information that is expected to be put out and to be made aware to the customer. In every fruit label you might see the four or five digit number code which explains the type of production.


For both sides:

            Both the marketer and the consumer need to be aware of the labels and what it tells us. The labeling industry is growing quite fast due to these regulations especially those of the united states FDA that controls the quality of food items entering into the country. The labels should be of good quality that can stick on the fruit easily and do not peel off easily. They need to be intact until the customer peels it off while eating it.

Quality is essential:

            The quality of the fruit is as essential as is the quality of the label and the label maker must keep in mind that they use good quality glue and good quality medium such as paper which is going o be stuck on fruits. It should not cause any harmful effects to the fruits and the consumer in any way.

Be informed!

            The fruit labels not only make the fruit stand out in the shelf of the store but also inform the consumer about the way it is produced such as organic farming the date of best use and other details.