Connect employee and digital workplace experience

Kristine Dery, a researcher at the Information Systems Research Center (MIT CISR) at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, spoke Tuesday morning during a keynote address on customer experience and digital workplace experience. She cited a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, including a case study of multi-billion dollar medical device company Royal Phillips, not Amsterdam.

“This is an MRI scanner, a CT scanner, a pathology scanner, and we are focusing on individual products, but we cannot solve our customers’ problems.”. It’s a lot, but how much is the system improving? Therefore, we take a complete system and solution approach. “

According to Experts, organizations should focus on:

  • Digitization of Work: The COVID-19 Pandemic At first, organizations promised to provide infrastructure and automation standards to keep their employees working well. Now you need to take advantage of all these digital features to “organize” them and apply them in new ways.
  • Create Employee Experience: Using data about the digitization of work, we use that data to create a better employee experience. It drives better “digital health” throughout the organization and builds digital muscles to help employees work more efficiently.
  • Let’s learn how to create a better way to work. We are creating a forward-looking workforce. It is an essential area for employees and customers to acquire new digital opportunities.

Use microservices to gain digital employee experiences.

Wells Fargo has encountered a digital workplace issue common to many other organizations. It is the lack of experience of the employee’s portal / intranet. We need to move from platform dependency to microservice efficiency. It is precisely what is being done under the leadership of ChristyPunch, vice president of digital workspaces for financial services companies.

The initial problem was with long-term upgrades to older software called “Upgrade Carousel.” The team needs the latest design, and there are many apps that the staff use to get the job done. Either way, it’s a three-year effort that begins with listening to employee voices. They implemented an iterative design approach that included concepts, opinions, and actions and never stopped designing a portal supported by its stakeholders.

Create an innovative digital workplace with digital workplace experience

Microsoft’s research on “FutureofWork” shows that the workplace is more flexible and responsive, and the pace is accelerating. Using technologies that maximize productivity and increase creativity can improve performance and inspire employees to think “outside the box.” Valo responds to this trend by designing efficient digital work tools that make it easier for customers to work. Our solution eliminates repetitive daily tasks and gives them time to break free and innovate.