What Do You Say When You Choose Vodka?

Vodka drinking, like many other social rituals of people who gather to celebrate, brings with it the background of a long and rich history and many traditions that have been passed down to us from generation to generation. The accepted rituals of toasting with vodka are rooted in the culture, history and traditions of Russia, although in this global era they have become more international in nature.Buy vodka online is still a significant part of Russia’s social fabric and interpersonal interactions, and many conventions abound. 

Vodka label

In general, in Russia, as in the West, drinking vodka is a group activity. Groups of people drink vodka when they gather to party, socialize or hang out; when they celebrate a life event such as a birth, death or wedding. Heavy consumption over many rounds is common at most such meetings. You can see people Buy vodka online – straight – in glasses at traditional Russian gatherings, while most people mix it with something like tonic or fresh juices. 

Make toast with vodka

In the Western world, we suffer from the misconception that the proper toast is “cheers” when drinking vodka. This is not a very appropriate toast in Russian. In fact, it does not mean “for your health”, as you may have often heard.

Vodka toasts for occasions

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The nature of the occasion calls for a special toast, whether it’s Buy vodka online or a bottle of champagne. For example, weddings call for toasts to love, happy endings, and many years of wedded bliss for the new couple. On the other hand, when toasting a newborn, it is better to drink for its health and long life, as well as the happiness it will bring to the lives of its parents. When toasting a new business, new home, or other live event, it’s likely that the occasion will give you a hint about possible and appropriate toasts. For example, at a memorial service, the first toast should be to pronounce the deceased, but not to clink glasses. On birthdays, toast the birthday boy/girl first and then their parents. Wedding toasts were for the couple, then for their parents, moving on to other subjects like love, happily ever after, etc.

A series of vodka toasts

During the evening, avid vodka lovers can make a series of toasts.The first toast made by you or another guest will be to offer a drink to the host of your party. Typically, this will be the first in a series of toasts from noble ancestors, to children of the guests/hosts, to women in the company, and to abstract concepts such as pride, honor, Motherland, and so on.