What are the types of digital piano?

When you are searching for a piano, you will find many essential things that make you confused about the available options. There are various types of piano available. The types are classified based on the different sizes and the compabt facility. You have to choose one based on the space you live. This is despite of apartment, mansion or villa. You should consider the sound that is exhibited form the digital piano. Let us look at the various types of digital piano over here in this article.

Upright digital piano

It is the most popular kind of piano. It is ideal for players with different level of experience. It is designed similarly to a kind of furniture that is used with home use. This has built in music desk, lid and integral stand with backboard pedals. It is designed same as the traditional acoustic piano. In case of looking for the modern look piano, then you can choose a contemporary cabinet design that covers the keyboard when closed. It occupies less floor space and is popularly known as the compact pianos.


Portable digital piano

It is similar to a upright piano where this type is not present without cabinet. It is designed to be portable and stored away when not in use. It can be placed over a simple cross stand which is an optimal solution. The speaker is also attached to the piano itself instead of in the cabinet. This will allow the portability with low weight which will result in the sound quality.

Digital stage piano

It is designed for the gigging purpose. Most of the stage pianos are not built in with speakers since it is used with the keyboard amplifier or PA system. This kind of piano has the ability to mix and blend lots of sounds. This also has the ability to take control over the keyboards in a rig. This is specifically built for the stage purpose and this is not a suitable option for home use. Thus the appearance is quite functional.

Digital grand piano

Grand piano takes the features of upright kind. It is not in the same appearance of traditional grand piano, you will get the sound possible that usually has the flagship of speaker system. The use of this type is explained in the citylinesound. You can consider checking out for the best sound possible through the grand piano.