Right Way of Stopping Puppy Biting Tips

Very much like normal babies, even puppies explore their surroundings by taking everything that they find & putting it into their mouth. Not like human babies, puppy’s mouth isn’t filled with the soft gums, but the needle-like teeth. This will be very surprising how much it will hurt when the first time puppy bites your finger or arm. However, real problem comes when you come to know that these cute puppy bites may turn in the permanent habit that is definitely not very cute and harmless in the adult dog.

stopping puppy biting tips

Puppy Teething and Biting

Puppies start their lives with over 30 little teeth into their mouths. When they grow in adults, these teeth fall out & get replaced by over 40 proper teeth. Very much like human, this process of the new teeth growing in place will be very painful and puppy’s reaction is chewing, gnawing & mouth anything, which makes them feel good.

Puppies nip at one another during the play. Probably you have noticed that the puppies & adult dogs play by lunging on each other, mouths-first. It is generally the normal part of a dog, however unchecked “playful” nipping will eventually progress in full-blown (dangerous) biting. Your puppy probably will try and nip at you at your rough-housing sessions. It can be very painful, however even when it is not still it’s good to curb such behaviors early on— before it gets totally worse.

You will find that it is very simple stopping puppy biting tips to tell difference between nipping and teething with your puppy. Generally, teething will take a form of puppy gnawing and lightly nibbling on the fingers or other parts of your hand.

 What You Must Do If Dog Bites or Nips You?

Suppose your puppy begins nipping at you then it is very important to fast (and correctly) establish it isn’t OK. For instance, if you are playing with your dog and he nip on your hand, make a normal noise, “oops,” and stop playing & ignore your pup till they stop nipping or excited mood. When they have settled, give them the praise and treat if you’ve one nearby. It can show your dog that biting means that playtime is done and will resume when they are calm. It must not take very long for the puppy to know that it is better to stay gentle and calm so they will continue playing with you, one awesome thing, as far as they are concerned.