The product;

          These past few decades have been the era of the innovations and many new ideas were originated in the design and product manufacturing industry. Using the existing product for a new purpose or redesigning the existing product for a better performance has been the order of these decades. This was also seen where you can find that the products which are meant for some very serious purpose like the key chains or key rings as they are called have now become a very fashion statement. They do not want to hide the keys or keep them, a secret but they want to flaunt it. These designs of the Porte-Clé are so unusual and so different in their look that wearing them would be the appropriate word to express it rather than using the word carries them.


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Fun products:

  • The key rings produced here are very different and they not just serve the purpose of keeping your keys together and safer they also serve yet another purpose which is the fashion statement.
  • This would enable you to have something completely different on you as a matter of fun and attraction.
  • When things are done differently they do get noticed and they also become the trend setters.
  • The other important aspect is that you can create your own key ring by using their products.
  • This is called as the DIY key rings or the do it yourself products from the basic shapes and sizes and colors that they provide.
  • This is a very innovative marketing strategy that only they have thought of.
  • The products here are made in different materials and they come various shapes such as the turtle, the fairy, the wings, the other animal motifs and the birds and much more.
  • These are great gifts if you can make your own key rings and gift them to your family and friends.
  • You can also become a partner in the designer brand and become an entrepreneur in this field.
  • They are very trendy and light weight and they are priced very reasonably so that any people can afford the, the price reduction is also available on certain designs.
  • You can contact them through the various contacts modes that are mentioned on the webpage. The Porte-Clé are well known for other products as well.