Defense of the Ancients – Nerubian Assassin

Nerubian Assassin is one of the heroes of the custom map of Warcraft III, Defense of the Ancients. Whether you play casually or competitively, a murderer other than Rouban can be deadly to the right hand. Skill is the main attribute of a murderer who is not Rouban, but this does not mean that this hero can be played in the same way as another skill hero. Unlike other agility heroes, this Nerubian warrior is really weak in close combat. It is also extremely fragile. If you’re not careful, this hero can be killed in 2 seconds. In other words, this hero is not easy to play. You need a decent experience to play this mistake.

Natural increase in statistics

Despite the fact that he is an “agility” hero, this hero does not have high attack speed, fast movement or high armor. Its natural increase in statistics for each level is also decent. However, to compensate for his weakness, he has 4 powerful abilities. He can stun several enemies with his injection, burn his opponent’s mana, silence the enemy, and finally he can hit his victim with a huge blow of damage.

Since it takes a lot of mana to complete each of your abilities, that is why you rely heavily on the elements of intelligence rather than skill. Its main function is to gather and support the team. Your only goal is to kill or stop your opposing teammate as much as you can. The most popular item for this hero is a bottle and a dagon. With the help of a bottle, this hero can travel the entire map and easily grab a rune. Dagon increases the power of the non-Roubian killer as a ganker by 40%. In case the game does not end after receiving the Dagon, you can choose the ether blade or the diffuse blade. Both elements increase your chances of killing.

 DotA 2

Common skills for this hero:

Piercing, manabourne, piercing, swarm of urns, piercing, revenge, burning mana, burning mana, burning mana, swarm / stat stat, vendetta, swarm / stat urn, swarm / stat urn, stat, vendetta and others in stat dot.

Nerubian Assassin can be a fun hero if you know what you are doing in dota 2 account. It never goes out of fashion to see how this hero deals more than 800 damage and kills the enemy in 2 seconds. It is not recommended to play as a striker or tanker for a non-Roussian assassin. Although you can do it if you are good, in the end, the fight against the rune killer is pale compared to other heroes who are attackers and natural tankers.