Brief note on the functionalities of networking devices

In the current generation, the purpose of using computer networking devices is quite common. Due to the presence of internet or broadband utilization everywhere will clearly specify its necessity. Consider some networking devices like routers & switches plays a vital role in the current internet world. Its purpose is; it interconnects number of computers to other computers or any kind of other networking devices etc.

Let’s take a brief note on the definition of a routers & switches:

A router is popularly known networking device which is used for connecting various networks. Consider an example; you can connect a network from home to a broadband. These are quite helpful in transmitting data in the form of packets. The process of sending and receiving data packets sequentially without any cause of network traffic will be effectively done by these networking devices only. Here the communication will be carried out from one node to the end node in the internet. These two nodes are nothing but called as sender and receiver. Moreover here this networking device uses an IP address which is known as a destination IP address. This IP address will be helpful for sending data packets to the right receiver (in short from source node to destination node).

definition of a routers & switches

Coming to switches, it is popularly known as network switches. These switches are used to connect all the devices together on only one single network. This kind of networking device is also known as switch hub. This device use MAC address as a network to send the data from the source to the destination. It is predominantly used in data link layer. In this layer the data will be sent, received and process the data sequentially.

Some of the key points to be notified:

  • Comparatively routers are more advantageous to switches. It was because routers transmit data packets effectively to the destination node sequentially by using IP address. But in case of switches, they use MAC address for transmitting data packets. In order to eradicate network traffic these networking devices are used effectively.
  • Switches are not capable of connecting number of multiple networks but in case of routers it is possible. Data is sent in the form of packets only in all the networking devices.
  • There are existences of number of built in firewalls for safeguarding network hacks. Instantly they provide security to all the networks.
  • Connectivity: In this category, these networking devices also connect to all the Wi-Fi networks. In case of router, it connects to wireless and wired networks. But in case of switch networking device, it is only connected to wire networks.
  • In Intelligence perspective, these networking devices utilize software which is helpful for increasing network enhancing techniques accordingly.


The presence of the networking devices will be beneficiary to all the computer users who sends and receives data through a transmission medium in a synchronous way only. Moreover the presence of data link layer sends data sequentially to the destination node in the form of TCP/IP data packets only. So a computer network plays a crucial role in all over the internet world.